In all projects the relation to the times of origin is one of the most important point of view. The Munchausen-Library exspecially is engaged in research to the Eighteenth Century.

The Munchausen-Library actually is occupied with the following subjects:


  • Bibliography of all editions of Munchausen in the English language from 1786 until 1850. Today for this period we know 150 items.
  • Pedigree of the early translations of Munchausen and theire respective original text.
  • The early illustrations - complete documentation and analysis of the development.
  • Case study concerning the story about the horse of the baron which has been cut in two and healed again.
  • Collection and bibliography of all publications of Rudolf Erich Raspe - one of the authors of Munchausen.
  • Utilization of the Munchausen-Collection of Erwin Wackermann, who has written in 1969 the famous bibliography to the Munchausen-tales



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  Münchhausen entdeckt die Bibliothek von Alexandria William Strang 1895 Muenchhausen discovers the library of Alexandria William Strang 1895